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Tiling tips

A bathroom wouldn’t be a bathroom without some form of tile being used and can often be the difference between an elegant, majestic space and one that is distinctively lacking.

One of our professional tilers, Jack, sheds some light on why he loves working with tiles…

For me, the tiling aspect of a bathroom is when the room starts to really take shape. I’ve had the pleasure of working with tiles from all over the world and experience how they differ from place to place. Tiles used to be merely a way of creating a water tight seal to a bathroom and the choice was quite limited, but now tiles are a major design aspect within a property and there are literally 1000’s of tiles to choose from. Being in the Cotswolds the houses often throw some curve balls with tiling and I’m yet to find a Cotswold house with a perfectly level wall, so it’s more than just fitting tiles to a wall. We need to make sure that tiles are being fitted to perfectly level surfaces to ensure the longevity of the installation, so we often have to pack off the walls to make them straight. The same applies to the floor – old floor joists have often moved significantly over the years and the team have to ensure that this is rectified before we can apply a finish.

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