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Large bathroom spaces

If you’re lucky and have the luxury of a large bathroom space, or are looking to renovate a bedroom into a bathroom, then you might be stuck with making the most of the room. Without proper planning, large bathroom spaces can appear bare, cold and uninviting. As opposed to pushing everything against the walls, we can be creative to construct different wash spaces within the room – for example:

  • Build a partition to create a ‘walk through’ shower space. The stud wall can house all necessary pipework, wiring and niche boxes if required.
  • Build cupboard space and vanity areas to make multiple uses of the room.
  • Make use of different floor finishes – tiled flooring in the wash spaces and wood in vanity areas, for example.
  • Double up with a large bath and walk in shower enclosure.
  • Create relaxing spaces in the room to incorporate seating, chairs or window seats to give the spa feeling at home.

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