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Our company

At Thompson Bathrooms we carry out bathroom design, supply and installations across Oxfordshire and its neighbouring counties.

We offer end-to-end delivery of your bathroom project including the design, supply, project management and full installation service. We are committed to offering the highest quality and professional service to all of our bathroom clients – once we walk through your door, you can have the confidence that you’ll have a bathroom to be proud of by the time we leave.

We are a family company founded over 30 years ago, now run by managing director, Matthew Thompson. We have a strong team of fully qualified, fully employed plumbing and heating engineers, along with a team of trades that cover electrics, building, plastering, tiling, carpentry and decorating.


The fundamental aspect of every bathroom is the plumbing work and, although you often don’t see the mechanics behind the tiles and below the floor, it remains the most important part of the process. Getting the plumbing right is all part of the planning process and often determines where you can and can’t house your sanitary items. You might see bathrooms with pipework running along the floor, down the side of walls, within hefty boxing and generally all over the place – this is often due to poor planning. We will always try to hide the plumbing pipework within the floor, within walls and, where necessary, within discrete and stylish studwork.


Much like the plumbing in a bathroom, the heating doesn’t get the same credit as the tiling and decorating aspects. Heat, however, is such an important thing to get right when planning a bathroom project and is easy to get wrong. It’s one thing to get a big radiator or towel rail to ‘heat the room’, but it’s more important to get them in the right location, or locations. You don’t want to get out the shower with a cold chill because the only heat source is on the other side of the room. This is why planning the locations of our heat sources is vital to getting the bathroom layout correct. Radiators and towel rails aside, we can also install electric underfloor heating to add an extra slice of luxury to your bathroom experience. Whilst electric underfloor heating helps to heat the room, it mostly acts as a comfort item to have on when you’re using the room. This works especially well with a tiled floor.


Bathroom lighting is often more complex than other rooms and needs to be specific to its needs. The lighting needs to be bright, well directed and well positioned. Planning the lighting in a bathroom is another thing that can be overlooked and clients often don’t know what can be achieved until they’ve seen it elsewhere. Accent lighting is increasingly being used in bathrooms to amplify the luxury items and ‘action areas’ within the room – this can be within niches, projected from the floor, angled ceiling lights or backlit within a mirror. Our electrical contractors are fully qualified and hugely experienced working with all types of bathroom projects.


As with most bathroom renovation projects there’s always some building aspects that need attention, whether knocking through a stud wall, boarding up an existing doorway or attending to some exposed brickwork. We know that in order to create your perfect bathroom, it’s often the room that needs altering as much as the layout. Walls might be damaged from moisture, ceilings can be flaking from condensation and floors can be bowed beyond belief. To ensure that your new bathroom passes the test of time, it’s important that the room is level, free from moisture and ready for tiling. Over-lapping with the building aspect, plastering is a key element to getting the perfect end product. When tiles only go half way up a wall, or maybe not at all, it’s vital to have a smooth new wall finish for decorating onto – the same applies to the ceiling!


The tiling aspect of the project is when the room really starts to take shape. Whether it’s large stone floor tiles or small metro wall ceramics, the choice of tile helps decide the style of the room. Of course, there are countless alternatives to having tiled finishes, but it remains the most popular choice in keeping the room classy, clean and water-tight. When it comes to choosing your tiles you’re often spoilt for choice and can find that there are too many options – it can prove a headache after a while. Thankfully, our designers will help you through this entire process and whilst we would never tell you what to get, we can certainly point you in the right direction. Our tiling professionals have worked on a vast array of bathroom projects, ranging from tiny cloakrooms to impressive family wash spaces.


Woodwork within a new bathroom is completely dependent on the style and theme of the room – some people love lots of woodwork, others like small sections of wood and some don’t want it anywhere near their bathroom. However, 9 times out of 10 woodwork is required in some capacity when renovating a bathroom. For example, concealed toilet cisterns need to be fitted within a stud wall, niche boxes are built within a cavity, floors often need levelling, skirting board may need fitting and re-directing a door opening might be the difference between having a separate shower enclosure or not.


When the decorators come in, you know it’s near the end. This final piece of your bathroom project is the one that puts the shine on the room and adds to the glamour and style that is already on show. There are multiple finishes to consider when deciding on the decorating – do I use paint, do I use wallpaper, do I want shiny paint or a subtle matt. The decision lies in what is already in the room. If you have colourful, vibrant sanitary items or tiles, then you may want to tone it down with the wall colours, but if you have plain and neutral finishes elsewhere in the room, then why not make a feature of the decorating?! Our decorators hold a specific attention to detail and go above and beyond to make sure that the finish is what it needs to be.