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Each of our bathroom projects are split into steps, with each being as important as the next. These steps can be seen as follows – design consultation – rendered images & design sign off – quotation and project schedule – installation & project management. The idea of splitting projects into sections is to make the entire process as seamless as possible and leave nothing undecided during the installation process.

Our priority is to ensure our presence in your home causes as little stress as possible, that’s why we pride ourselves on keeping to time and minimising any disruption to your home.

  • Step 1

    Design consultation

    Each one of our projects starts with a design consultation and is where we first meet our clients. As important as it is to thoroughly look through the bathrooms nooks, crannies and features it’s also important to get a feel for the house as a whole and get a gauge of what the clients would like to achieve. As we’ve said, we would never turn up and tell someone what they should be having.

    Once we have a feel for the property and have discussed what the client would like to accomplish, we can turn our attention to the bathroom. The most vital aspect to begin with is to ascertain whether the clients goals are achievable within the space we have available to us, which they generally are. We then need to be meticulous with measuring the room and is where we can really see what can be achieved – we will always take as many measurements as possible when surveying a room. The reason for this is to ensure that we make the most efficient use of the space and to bypass the possibility of items not fitting. Before leaving to begin work on the project, we will take a series of photos to highlight the rooms features and provide something to refer back to when designing the bathroom.

  • Step 2

    Rendered images & design sign-off

    Designing the room is where we can get creative and provide inspiration that the clients may not have thought of, but is also where we can start to bring the idea to life. Having the ability to show clients how their bathroom could look, prior to commencing work, provides people with the confidence they may need before going ahead with a project. We use the latest design technology from Compusoft Group to design our bathrooms and allows us to use manufacturers sanitary items, furniture, tiles and colour themes to bring the bathroom to life on screen. We will provide clients with 3D rendered images, floor plans, elevations and sketches to help them confirm the design.

  • Step 3

    Quotation & project schedule

    Quoting for a project is where we compile all necessary aspects and phases of a project and build it into one detailed specification. The quoting aspect is much easier to get right once the design has been signed off, which is why we confirm the designs before sending a quotation. Along with sending the prices and specifications across, we will aim to provide a project schedule which details when trades will be on site, how long different phases will take and when the work is likely to be complete.

  • Step 4

    Installation & project management

    We know that a full bathroom installation can have an impact on day-to-day routines and can be quite an upheaval, which is why we will always ensure that the process is as stress free and non-intrusive as possible. Much like the design and quotation processes, we will project manage the entire installation from start to finish and want you to feel like you can call with any small query that comes to mind.

    Our staff of skilled tradesmen are complete professionals who you will be happy to have working in your house.

    We have gone into detail regarding the aspects of work in the ‘our company‘ section of the site.