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Bathroom carpentry and woodwork

With all the lovely bathrooms that we install, it’s rare that we don’t have to call upon the skills of a wood craftsman. We use timber in all of our stud walls, building niches and providing level surfaces for the floor, but people normally only associate woodwork with their vanity units and cupboards. There are vast amounts of bathroom finishes we can create using wood, including:

Tongue and groove panelling – this is a method widely used in traditional bathrooms and provides a classy, painted finish. We complete our tongue and groove using a bullnose MDF finish at the top with skirting board at the bottom.

Engineered oak flooring – people usually use engineered wooden flooring in their hallways, kitchens and downstairs rooms, but avoid extending it into their bathrooms. This floor covering works well in bathrooms with the right sanitary items and wall finishes. Try using this flooring with tongue and groove MDF on the walls and tiles within the wash areas.

Cupboards and joinery – if you’re lucky and have a large bathroom space to play with then why not try and incorporate some build in cupboards. With bespoke woodwork, we can install cupboards and storage space into almost any section of the room and make it look as though it were always meant to be there.

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