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Ensuring the house is ready for a modern bathroom

Whilst it’s an exciting process designing, planning and installing a bathroom, it’s vital to ensure that the houses plumbing system will be compatible with the new sanitary items – especially the bath and shower. The worst scenario is to go to the expense of having your perfect bathroom installed, only to find out the shower water trickles out of the head. If you have an old vented system with reasonably poor pressure, then there is a good chance that the flow of water from your new sanitary outlets will be equally poor, maybe even worse. There are options around this, including the installation of pumps to increase the flow to certain outlets, but the best solution is to upgrade to a pressurised system. This is achieved by removing the existing hot water cylinder and associated roof tanks, before installing a new, unvented hot water cylinder. By installing an unvented hot water cylinder you achieve mains cold water pressure at all of your hot water outlets, this is because the hot water cylinder is fed by mains cold water (as opposed to tank fed cold water), and therefore produces hot water at the same pressure. The critical thing is to investigate this BEFORE bathroom work commences, which is always what we do.

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