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Bring your cloakroom to life

Your cloakroom isn’t just for you and your family, it’s also for your guests. Just because the cloakroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be one of the most stylish and inviting.

You really have the license to do something bold with a cloakroom and can be one of the starting places for the theme of a house. We can match your cloakroom to any style or theme that takes your eye – whether it’s a nod to tradition with wash stands and high level cisterns, or an ultra-modern feel with concealed mechanics and low level lighting. Retro is also making a resurgence, so colourful wash basins and lighting can turn the room from boring basic into the unique.

Patterned tiles with vibrant colours are very in vogue and work really well as a floor covering, however, it’s important not to overload the eye with too many features in such a small space. If you go bold on the floor, then go subtle with the walls (and vice versa).

It’s not just tiles that add style to your cloakroom. More and more sanitary manufacturers are increasing their range in metal and coloured finishes, which work as amazing features in your cloakroom.

It’s important to get the lighting right in small spaces, especially when natural light can be lacking, or non-existent. The lighting very much reflects the style of the room – there’s no point having bright, striking LED’s in an old fashioned theme, just like you don’t want dull mood lighting in a modern contemporary cloakroom.

Whatever you choose, we can turn your tired cloakroom into a luxurious space that you and your guests want to use.

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