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Designing your small bathroom

Small bathrooms can be the trickiest to visualise when you’re stood in them looking for inspiration. You might be there thinking ‘nothing can be done in this small space’ and ‘I don’t know what style can work in here’. Thankfully, that’s almost never the case.

First and foremost, we need to make sure that small rooms can work from a mechanical point of view, which 95% of the time, they can! The most common obstacles to tackle when planning a small bathroom is storage, lighting, what can fit, humidity and ‘where can we hang things’.

An intelligent design can get around most of these issues, but it’s important to work with the space that you have available to you. Every bathroom, no matter how big, has its own features that we can use to your advantage and, often, the small, stylish, compact bathrooms can blow you away more than the larger bathroom spaces.

Tips to help you:

  • Utilise combined wash basin and WC units where wall space is at a premium.
  • Keep the floor space clear by using wall mounted sanitary items. This gives the feel of a bigger room.
  • Where you can’t have a bath and shower in the same room, combine the two with a shower above the bath.
  • Create storage space with cupboard units above the wash basin / WC areas.
  • Help create natural light with LED lighting, both at high and low level.

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